Four Generations Later, We Are Still Playing In The Dirt!
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After Four Generations, We Are Still

Playing In The Dirt!

We bring the power of Knowledge, Ability & Experience to work for you! Texas Heavy Excavating is founded on a life time of excavating experience and the training handed down over 4 generations, with the 5th generation now working and training.

We have come a long way from our start of excavating with horse and mule teams, We now have all new modern equipment to get the job done fast with great accuracy.

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Services We Offer

Farm & Ranch / Commercial / Residential Developments / Industrial

  • Site Work

  • Ponds & Lakes / Detention Ponds / Retention Ponds / Giant Koi Ponds / Pond and Landscape Design

  • Tree Clearing

  • Roads / Driveways

  • Erosion Control / Erosion Repair

  • Drainage Improvements / Creek Clearing / Creek Reconstructing & Relocating / Bridges

  • House / Building / Shop Pad Preparation / Foundation Prep

  • Mass Excavation

  • Demolition

  • Lot Benching / Lot Grading / Fine Grade / Finish Grade

  • Retaining Walls

  • Subgrade Preparation / Soil Stabilization / Lime, Cement, Flyash, CKD, CTB Stabilize.

  • Moisture Condition / Soil Mixing / Soil Replacement

  • Land Clearing, Large & Small Acreage

  • Rock / Gravel / Sand/ RAP / Recycled Asphalt / Crushed Concrete / Select Fill / Beach Sand

  • Construction Staking / Surveying / Engineering


Got Dirt?

Farm & Ranch is our Favorite!


Our Story

Texas Heavy Excavating, /

Texas Heavy Excavating, /


It all started in the 1880’s when hans tobiason got on a ship from norway to the promise land

Young Hans Tobiason Started his career in excavation as an employee, Soon he was the Employer after founding his own excavation company. Hans grew his company and was one of the largest road builders around. Hans, together with his family, grandsons and others working with horse and mule team equipment completed numerous projects including many roads. Eventually the kids took over, then the grand-kids then branching off to more company’s through 4 generations. Most of us are still Excavating and Constructing and with the 5th generation in training, soaking up all that modern technology has to offer and applying to our day to day operations. Now with Hundreds of projects completed in North Texas we are still going strong and ready for more. after all, as the saying handed down over generations goesa little dirt never hurt”.


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North Texas Premier Pond Builders!

This is our favorite work & we are experts at designing and building them.


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Work Experience

Our Team Has Completed Hundreds of Projects Throughout North Texas.

Projects Ranging From $2500 - $2,500,000.

Project Types:

  • Walmart

  • Groceries Stores

  • Department Stores

  • Self Storage Centers

  • Subdivisions

  • Movie Theaters

  • Shopping Centers

  • Ranch Development

  • Lakes & Ponds

  • Roads

  • Many More




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